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Unbridled Joy !


When morning broke, it broke with great light, revealing it’s crimson gold brilliance, was almost too much  to bear.Who were we to be blessed with such gifts?  What was the meaning of all this splendor? This unbridled, radiant joy? reviving us, uplifting us, filling us with wonder and with hope ! Stuff that are jolly good that brings forth heaps of miracles day in and day out.To me happiness lies in these small yet magnificent things of nature and human.

  • Blue purple sky at morning 6.00
  • Bloom of a flower
  • Little dewdrops scattered around likes pearls on greeny leafs
  • Misty Morning
  • Orange and vanilla ice-cream
  • Windy Breeze
  • Snowfall
  • Mother’s Smile
  • Strangers passing by
  • Drizzling Rain
  • & so much more 🙂
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